The Service Agreement serves as a contract between Royal Kay Berries, LLC and the respective client. Payment of the invoice is the client’s agreement of the service conditions set. In the unfortunate event that this contract is broken, Royal Kay Berries, LLC assumes no responsibility in filing a civil lawsuit or any expenses related. 


A completed Order Form will be required to provide the Royal Kay Berries, LLC team with pertinent information relating to the respective event and desired sweets. All orders require a two week’s (14 days) notice. No orders will be received less than a
week before the desired date of the respective event. All items are sold in orders of 12 (dozen) and require an order minimum of $100.00. After the consultation, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the customer within 48 hours. Orders are placed on our calendar once a nonrefundable booking fee has been received. The fee will be deducted from the invoice; and the balance will be due two weeks prior to the date of the order unless other arrangements have been made between the client and Royal Kay Berries, LLC. Orders that are $100 will require full payment. Order changes will only be accepted a week prior to the respective event date. 


During pick up, proper handling instructions will be provided to the client. Royal Kay Berries, LLC assumes no responsibility of the order once it has been placed in the client’s possession. 

All sweets are packaged in standard clear containers. If a client desires for sweets to be individually wrapped, then a packaging fee of $35.00 will apply to the entire order. 


Royal Kay Berries, LLC provides delivery for $50.00 within a 50 mile radius from the operating site. A fee of $.45 cent per mile will be assessed for deliveries over 50 miles. The client will provide Royal Kay Berries, LLC with an appropriate time and address for delivery. It is the client’s responsibility for ensuring there is a designated person to receive the order if the client is not available. 

In the event a person or the client is not available to receive order within 20 minutes of arrival, the Royal Kay Berries, LLC team will depart the delivery site and the client will be responsible for picking up items from the operating site. The delivery fee will not be refunded if a client is not available during delivery. If the client wishes to pick up items, then the client agrees to meet a member of the Royal Kay Berries, LLC team at Quick Trip 5390 Riverdale Road, College Park, Ga. 30349. Royal Kay Berries, LLC assumes no responsibility for orders after they are picked up by the client or designated person. Royal Kay Berries, LLC will only rectify damaged orders that are delivered by a team member. 


Royal Kay Berries, LLC offers set -up services for a fee of $65.00 including delivery.*.45 cent will be assessed after 50 miles. No stands will be provided. 

Clients can purchase a Royal Table (sweets table) which include set-up and break down; table; cake stands/platters; and linen rental for $145.00 addition to the cost of the desired sweets. The set-up and break down time will be discussed during the initial consultation. If the set-up/break-down times need to be adjusted by the client, then the new times must be provided within 72 hours prior to the day of the event. All sweets remaining during break down will be packaged and given to the client. Royal Kay Berries, LLC will not take back any sweets left over. The client assumes full responsibility for rented items. In the event a rental item is damage/lost/stolen, the client will be provided an invoice for damaged/lost/stolen items. Payment for damaged items will need to be paid the same day of the event. Stands and linen can be rented without purchasing a Royal Table. 


Cancellations will be accepted a week prior to the respective event. Booking fees are nonrefundable. Orders cancelled less than a week will not be refunded. Royal Kay Berries, LLC will not be responsible for events canceled due to personal disputes or any acts of God. If the order has been completed and the event is canceled, then the order will still be provided to the client. Orders not picked with within 48 hours will be discarded with NO REFUND

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, absolutely no returns will be accepted. 

ORDER DESIGN/INSPIRATION: While providing an inspirational image of the ideal cake/sweet, Royal Kay Berries assumes the responsibility in creating a cake/sweet according to our creative abilities. The inspirational image will be taken into consideration; however, it is not a promise the respective cake will replicate another artist’s design. 

If an edible image is desired, the client is responsible for ensuring Royal Kay Berries, LLC receives the image within a week (7 days) prior to the desired pick up/delivery date. Royal Kay Berries, LLC will not alter any images sent. Please ensure the image is in the appropriate JPEG format. 


Our baked goods (cupcakes, cakes, cookies, icings) are homemade from scratch and may contain milk, wheat, nut or other allergens. Royal Kay Berries, LLC assumes no responsibility for any allergic reactions upon consumption of products by the client or client’s guests. 

Royal Kay Berries, LLC may use luster/highlighter dust; glitter, or sprinkle blends to complete sweet designs. These items are non-toxic and are not FDA approved in the United States. Please inform us prior to payment if the client wish not to use these items. 

Fresh flowers may be used on certain cakes/sweets. They may contain pesticides, dirt, or other contaminates. Faux flowers may be used instead by request. 

Our Commitment to You!  

Royal Kay Berries, LLC strives for excellent customer service. Any issues with orders should be addressed with the owner/operator. Clients will refrain from using social media to slander the Company’s name/mission. 

We would appreciate a review of our service following the event. Any images taken of a client’s order will be posted on Royal Kay Berries, LLC’s social media platforms following the event.