Candy Apples

Candy Apples are available in the standard “hard rock” candy or dipped in chocolate. We have a plethora of colors and flavors to tailor to your event.

  • Standard Apples are created using one color choice with a white stick. They are packaged using clear cellophane bags.
  • Custom Theme Apples are created using fondant, candy pieces, edible images, edible glitter and/or Luster Dust to accommodate the event’s theme/ message. Customized apples are packaged in clear, candy apple boxes.

We also have Caramel, Sour Apples, Glitter Apples, and “Wacky Apples” (Candy Apples topped with crushed candy pieces).

Apples that are not being displayed for an event can be packaged in clear cellophane bags. Clear boxes are available for $10.00 per dozen.


$5 per apple

(12 Minimum)

One color with basic sticks

Custom Theme:

$10 per apple

(12 Minimum)

Custom design with fondant
pieces and/or edible image.

Other Apples:

$6 per apple

(12 Minimum)

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